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Travelling to Russia soon??

Northern Russia is experiencing unusually high temps for this time of the year. It's been in the high 80s/90s for the past 5-6 days with no break in sight. May be a hotter than usual summer. My taxi driver said they have never had weather this hot in May. So adjust your wardrobe choices accordingly. I prepared for the normal average temps in the 70s .....hard to pack for every possibility and maintain carry-on standards I am pretty uncomfortable.

BTW, A/C is rare in Russia.

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Another note: For what's it worth: The day before we left on our trip, my mother's doctor insisted she have a Hepatitis A vaccination specifically because she was travelling to Russia. Maybe it was due to her advanced age...85, but he recommended I get it too. I didn't think it was necessary, but, well, you know how mothers are. I knew She would nag about it for the entire trip it I didn't, so I went ahead and got the shot.

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You might be warm, but I hope you and your mom are enjoying your trip!

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It was this hot last May too! Though the last couple days have been cool and rainy.