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Train or plane?

Hi all,

We are planning to visit Moscow and St Petersburg in August. Which one would be a better option to travel between cities: train or plane?
Any suggestion would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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We took Sapsan (high speed train) for $140. It took four hours from Downtown to Downtown. You cannot do it faster by plane (including transport to and from the airport, time for checking in, security etc.) and I doubt that you can do it cheaper.

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This isn't even a fair fight. The train wins hands down. As said above, it's much faster than flying and it's also far less hassle. You will have to deal with the Moscow and/or St. Petersburg airports on the way in and the way out; once you see them, you'll understand why won't want to deal with them any more than you absolutely have to.

I took the train in 2010, when it was quite new. It's modeled on the German ICE trains and is quite spiffy. Each bathroom even has a full-length mirror!

My train was quite full, and I'll bet most of them run full, so do reserve in advance. Some of them run non-stop between the two cities, while some of them make some intermediate stops and take 20 to 30 minutes longer.

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We've always wanted to take the train, but have flown since the airfare is about $60. Even with getting to and from the airports our cost runs about $75 each. Aerflot has many flights a day. Of course we take public transportation to/from airports- part of the adventure.