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TJ Travel company - 2 day St Petersburg Tour

Has anyone taken the 2 day St. Petersburg tour from TJ Tours? It comes recommended by Trip Advisor and Cruise Critic. We have contacted them but not heard anything back. The other option is Alla Tours. Any experiences you can share are greatly appreciated.

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We have had no experience with the outfits you mention. However, I read about on this forum and made arrangements with them. We selected Nikolai, who was recommended, and he was excellent. We had never taken a private tour like this before. I spoke at length with the company as I had many questions, and communicated via email with the guide. We were on a two day visit via cruise. NikolaI was on time, well versed in history and very competent. He also arranged the documents needed to visit. . It was a very good experience.

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We are using TJ Tours for our 2 day St Petersburg Tour and our one day Berlin excursion from our boat. They have been very good with answering me and in making corrections to our plans, even reduced our tour of St. Petersburg because one of our fellow Cruise Critic travels got a group going that we joined and with TJ you pay for all your tours at the end of the tour in crisp US$ (they explain that if you use credit card which you can the coversion rate is terrible from Rubbles to US$ so that is why there prefer this payment, which is done at the end of day 2) Give them another try, hope they respond as we too have heard nothing but good things about them and are looking forward to our tour.

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We are booked with TJ for a 3 day tour in September. Spent a lot of time researching and found them to be the most responsive and willing to accommodate. I have had issues with their emails getting thru to me. Try again and if you don't get a response try [email protected]. She is their American representative. She just had to forward some emails that they could not get thru to me.

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I used them for a one day tour of Peterhof, Catherine Palace, and Peter and Paul Fortress. The guide we had was excellent and everything went smoothly. We never waited in any lines. Our guide worked really hard, was very knowledgeable, and very professional. We traveled on our own via the ferry and because we only had a couple of days in St Petersburg, we decided to take a group tour as this seemed the most efficient way to get out to Pushkin. They were willing to add us to the first day of one of their small group cruise ship tours, They picked us up at our hotel and drove us to the port where we joined the rest of the group. The only downside was that some of the people in our group were not so interested.

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Thanks everyone for your input. TJ has now responded. It does seem it was an email issue. We are looking forward to our 2 days with them. I have only read good reports!