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Tips for Russian Visas

We will be spending 10 days between St. Petersburg and Moscow and will be getting a Visa soon. Any tips on getting the Visa? We are not staying in a hotel (we booked apartments via Airbnb), so I am not sure what we do about a 'sponsor'. We can easily get to the Russian Embassy in DC.

If you used a service, which one? And what was the cost?

Thanks in advance.

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This topic has been written up previously here. The search function here is not that efficient, but if you go to the Russia section and skim previous posts, you'll find posts in chronological order and will have more answers, in addition to the ones you get by waiting for someone to reply on this topic.

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We used this company about two years ago for a trip to St.Petersburg, Moscow and Volga River cruise from Moscow to Astrakhan 14 day cruise. Few days in S.P. and Moscow we were on our own, the rest was a guided tour. It was little easier for us because I can speak some Russian. S.P. has some signs and directions in English, in Moscow almost everything is only in Russian. You will also need so called visa invitation which Express to Russia took care of for us. You can find a lot of useful information and not only about visa.