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St. Petersburg to helsinki

My husband and I will be going on a Viking cruise from Moscow to St. Petersburg in aug. 2021. I’ve searched this forum but can’t get a definitive answer about how we would get ourselves after the trip one way from St. Petersburg to Helsinki (if we decide to try to do the trip ourselves - Viking will do it for $899 pp for 3 nites but that seems very expensive for what we get). I’m splurging on taking this trip as I am normally very frugal and plan my european trips on my own using RS advice. I’ve seen some talk about a Moby ferry but then when I look into it further, it seems as if it’s not available between these two cities, and that instead we must take a train? The Allegro train? How far in advance do they sell tickets for the train and is there a senior rate, or cheaper for two people? I’m seeing tickets sold on a realrussia website out of the UK. Anybody know about this? It looks like tickets aren’t all that expensive for the 3.5 hr. Trip. Thanks for any help you can give me.

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The ferry does run from St. Petersburg to Helsinki though not every day. I took it some years ago (round trip) - it's an overnight trip. I had never been on a ferry before and it was more fun than expected, but if you have been on a cruise ship, it might seem pretty no-frills.

I think you can get a pretty good deal booking the ferry early, and it would save you a night at a hotel. But, the train would get you there a lot faster.

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The Allegro train is your best bet . I did this a few years ago , buy tickets from Finnish State Railways , find link on the man in seat 61 . There are a few small , but important details that you will need if you do this . If you do decide on this , let me know . Currently traveling through Germany and Austria until November , posting from my tablet . Way too early for booking the tickets now , don't worry .

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Yes, the Allegro train. Buy your tickets at to avoid any 3rd party fees. IIRC the ticket price start at €29 in 2nd class.

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Another shout-out for Allegro, with tickets purchased at either official site (Fi or Ru). Inexpensive and very fast and convenient. Sales start 90 days in advance, iirc.