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St Petersburg - Really good Orthodox church choir?

An excellent Russian church choir is a wonder to hear. Does anyone know an especially good one to try to hear in St Petersburg? We're lucky to be there on a Sunday and would love to experience this.

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We stopped at a large Russian Orthodox church on an island, but I forget the name of the church. After walking around the church, a gentleman in a black hooded robe approached our tour guide, and wanted to know if we'd like to listen to a 8 member men's choir. It was only the second time our guide had ever heard them. We were ushered into a side room where the acoustics were incredible. And I've never heard any better singers--making for a special afternoon.

The Orthodox church doesn't have any seats in their beautiful churches and everyone has to stand for services. They might have more members had they provided pews.

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The same experience happened for us but it was at the St Peter and Paul Fortress. An A Capella group of men sang for us in a small chapel. They were also selling their cd's.

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Male choirs , as David and Barbara have described , are fairly common at various venues ( Catherine Palace is a great example ) , in St Petersburg . Having said that , the quality of what you will hear is excellent ( and they usually do sell CD's of their work ) . That does not mean that they are substandard - I am a trained classical musician , and those that I encountered in St Petersburg were excellent . There is a plethora of excellent musicians throughout the world , and those making a living in this manner are ubiquitous . I have encountered many in past trips , and have always been entranced by their work , I particularly recall a Roma trio in Florence ( The Rom Draculas (( no kidding )) ) and a Cimbalom virtuoso near The ViktualienMarkt in Munich who kept me transfixed for better than half an hour . Enjoy what you hear !!

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We heard a small a capella men's choir like this at St. Basil. We also heard a larger group including both men and women as I recall at a small church in a village along the Volga Baltic Canal between Moscow and Petersburg. They were quite lovely and it is particularly evocative in such stunning settings.