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St Petersburg Customs

I'm planning a trip to St Petersburg, Russia and noticed that I will likely need to change flights in Moscow. How much time should I allow between my Moscow arrival and departure for St Petersburg? Do I need to allow for customs time in Moscow, or will that only occur in St Petersburg?

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Customs will occur in Moscow. How long that will take will depend on which Moscow airport you arrive at, how many flights arrive the same time as yours and many factors probably out of your control. I would allow as much time as you would coming back to the US through NYC. I am sure your airline can give you a more detailed estimate of how long transfer times would be.

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Firstly and mainly, what Moscow airport are you arriving to? and what Moscow airport are you leavng to St Petersburg? This is a serious question. If it is the same airport, then it is much easier. Usually the gate closes 20-15 minutes to departure. If you are late, you can change your ticket at airline desk to the next airflight. Once my husband changed his ticket without any extra fees. It depends on the fact whether they have available places for the next flight or not.
If you need any assistance in St Petersburg, do not hesitate to address to me. We can pick you up at the airport and take to the hotel, give answers to questions regarding staying in the city, excursions etc.
Anyway, have a nice trip and pleasant vacation in St Petersburg!

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Thank you Renata and Alan for some excellent advice. Your suggestions pushed me to find Lufthansa flights that wil get to St Petersburg after switching in Germany.

Renata, thanks for the offer, but I will be joining a tour group once arriving in St Petersburg.