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St Petersburg Buddha Bar

We will have 2 days in St Petersburg in September and would like one night to go to the Buddha Bar that is located there at Sinopskaya Naberezhnaya, 78. In our travels we always like to have cocktails and dine at a Buddha Bar if there is one. Since we will be on a cruise boat, we don't know if it will be difficult or very costly to get round trip transportation at night to and from the bar/restaurant. Also, not sure if we will need visas just to go in to dinner if we are on our own and not with an official cruise group. Any advice would be very much appreciated.

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Unless things have changed, you either need a visa or you need to go with a licensed guide. Check cruise critic for recommendations.

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Yes, to get off the ship you will definitely need a visa or have to be accompanied by a licensed guide (which, given the circumstances, will necessarily be a private guide).

You could even arrange a private tour of St.Petersburg and Moscow for a chance to visit two Buddha Bars in two different cities on the same day :-)

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Thanks for the replies. Looks like we will have to have visas just to go to a restaurant on our own. We already have day tours planned but wanted to go back out to the Buddha Bar in the evening. Not sure it will be worth the bother to get visas just for that.

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Yah, Buddha bar is so voluptuous. But people are really cheer. I marked a lot of restaurants in this city look like tsar palaces. Even strip bars. Ive been to some & as for me Zavistbar is like Buddha bar with erotic show. St Peters is a very sumptuous city. The first time Id eaten mutton happened in this Buddha bar!