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St Petersburg Airport

We have a flight out of St Pete at 6:15am on Air France, any suggestions on how soon to arrive, and any info on getting around the airport, we will arrive at the airport by taxi from the Pushka Inn Hotel.

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We got there 3 hours ahead for a 9 am flight to Paris and had 2.5 hours to sit around waiting for our flight. Small airport, relatively efficient and at the crack of dawn it will take about 35 minutes to get from the center to the airport by taxi or car.

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We had an open jaw flight from DC -> Moscow and St Petersburg(LED) -> DC. Of course it wasn't as simple as it sounded because the flight from LED connected in Moscow and FORCED us to exit and collect our bags then go back and check in all over again. What a pain!

The LED airport, although small, was quite chaotic with passengers all standing around waiting on the board to post the gates of the departing flights. But Moscow SVO was just horrible coming home. I've never seen such slow pathetic service as the employees moved at a snail's pace and then would just up and leave. So everybody in that particular line would scramble over to another line already full of passengers who did NOT want to let other passengers into the line because they had been waiting FOREVER and hardly moving. I actually thought we were going to miss our flight because the line would just move at such a snail's pace.

Hopefully you won't have the same experience.

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I can say you that you can take a taxi by the phone or maybe mobile APP.
Please look Get Taxi or Yandex taxi on the mobile store.
It will be cheaper than take taxi from airport.
and you can take business class taxi!!