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Should We Travel to Bucharest, Romania

Today is March 2nd and we have a river cruise booked for June 9 for a few weeks BUT final payment is in 1 week. I don't feel safe going but hubby does. We are going to Bucharest, Romania, which has 2 borders with Ukraine. Has anyone been to Eastern Europe and have any input on today's terrible situation?

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Remember, Romania is a member of both the EU and NATO. So if the Russians attack Romania, it'll be the same as if they attacked Rome -- and we would all be looking at WWIII.

For travelers, Romania being one of the "front line" states bordering Ukraine might produce some minor inconveniences or at least some unexpected visible signs of the trouble (lots of refugees, greater emphasis on security, mysterious-looking people and unmarked trucks headed for the border areas...) but I suspect travel should not be greatly impacted -- unless things escalate to the point where we are all going to be more than inconvenienced wherever we are.

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The Russian buildup began last March, but I haven't been in Eastern Europe since this past October (unfortunately), but I return in a few weeks. I keep a home in Eastern Europe, I do some business in Eastern Europe, I have friends in Ukraine and elsewhere in Eastern Europe and I am in contact and reading the local (English language) papers daily.

My trip in a few weeks was to be Hungary and Ukraine. Well, Ukraine wouldn't be a good idea unless you want to volunteer, then it would be a most excellent idea. So I am changing that part of the trip to some fishing someplace in Eastern Europe and Romania is on the list of possibilities (the Carpathians near the border with Ukraine) along with Bosnia & Herzegovina and Slovakia. All have excellent fly fishing. 🎣

Yes, Romania shares a border with Ukraine (in two locations). To drive from Bucharest to the nearest Ukrainian border would take not less than 6 hours in a car and probably 3 times that in a tank; to reach the fighting the trip would be maybe twice that.

Romania is NATO as well, so .................. if you belive Putin just wants ............ well you know the excuse, then anything NATO is safe.

So, is it dangerous? I think we learned during COVID that such decisions are personal and above criticism. Personally, I am looking forward to my trip.

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We spent 3 weeks in and around Bucharest in November, 2021. We currently have a trip and tour to Romania planned for the period May 2 to May 18 after our RS Heart of Portugal Tour. We have monitored the situation, including communicating with residents of Romania. As of this date, we still plan to visit Romania May.

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I'm going to say yes, you should go. You may see more refugees, but it shouldn't affect you personally. Also as others have said, Romania is part of NATO, and while Putin may be a bit crazy, he's not stupid enough to attack a NATO country. Enjoy.

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I think Putin has lost the war and doesn't yet know it. It does seem he has doubled down on his failure and will wreak as much carnage as he can for as long as he can.

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It's interesting that Russia has a dedicated forum here, but Romania still doesn't. Romania is one of most beautiful, varied and fascinating places in Europe. I suppose it's because Rick Steves doesn't publish a guide for the country.

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Rick has no forum for Serbia, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Albania, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, or North Macedonia. I do wonder about these omissions. We've been to Serbia and Romania. I think Rick is just not up to date.