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Russian Visa Question- how close to expiration date can you travel to Russia?

I have an American passport that expires in Feb 2019. I have a Russian visa that expires in August 2018. My question is will I be able to visit St. Petersburg in May 2018 on that Russian visa. I know you need 6 months remaining on a passport. Is there any similar requirement on a Russian visa or can you visit up to the point of expiration (in this case August 2018). Thanks in advance

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You're good.
The six-month passport validity rule is only relevant for the original visa application, not the point-of-entry immigration control.
Enjoy your trip!

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If this is your first visit , a head's up and word of caution - upon arrival in St Petersburg , when going through passport control , you will be issued a " migration card " which you will retain and surrender upon your departure . DO NOT LOSE IT ! It is necessary to exit The Russian Federation . One other tip - Don't put it in the pages of your passport , carry it safely in some other secure location . If it is within your passport , and you need to access the passport for some reason , the card can easily fall out and go missing and you won't know until it is too late . A word to the wise ; -- ) , Enjoy your visit !