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Russian Train Tickets supplier suggestion

Hello everyone, I need a suggestion for purchasing a train ticket for me and my wife on July 10th, 2019 for Moscow - Kazan Route. Has anyone had any experience on that?
thank you

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Hey you may try but no one can guarantee whether your card will be blocked or not, see. Try yourself and let us know if it worked for you :) Haha!

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"Have you asked your bank?"

Well no, as I already got cards blocked :( I guess this is not something we can change at this very moment
Is Man in Seat 61 a reliable source of information of the kind? To me it seems like he just promotes the RealRussia website but I will have a look for sure. I need tickets anyways

Thanks for all your help and imput!

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I'm sure it is highly profitable - for the owners of the web site, anyway.
For most everyone else, sticking with RZD's official ticketing site would do the trick.