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Russia - a different kind of trip

Hello all,

Just to give you a heads up - the Center for Citizen Initiatives are looking for US nationals to take part in their largest citizen diplomacy effort to date. The plan is to visit Moscow and a couple dozen regional cities and towns in September 2019. I've watched some of their videos and read some blogs from years past - and it looks like a unique opportunity to not only see some less traveled places, but also to meet the likes of Gorbachev and Pozner, to name just a few.

This is Travel as a Political Act on steroids :-)

Here's the link with more info:

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Yup, my first question too.

Apparently, they start at $3,900 for a 14-day trip.
Given their itinerary and agenda, sounds pretty reasonable to me.

Don't bother downloading the official "trip flyer" - it's a two-page 18mb pdf download that takes forever and doesn't offer much info.

Email them with any questions - they are very quick to respond.

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Diplomacy effort you pay for? I guess that should be some kind of a free trip. Keeping in mind the aims of that "political act" :)

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Haha. And who do you think should be footing the bill?
I think you will find that any nonprofit "citizen diplomacy" programs will have some kind of price tag attached to them, be it local grassroot efforts (like Sister City programs) or highly competitive merit-based student exchanges (like Stanford's US-Russia forum).
Still cheaper than a cruise - and a whole lot more educational :-)
Not to mention an opportunity to visit places like Crimea...