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I am married to a russian woman. Have several friends that are Russian. People in US dont know much or anything about this country and its people. I visited Russia for the first time this year. I was treated wonderful by the people. I found a country with a rich history and coulture. It would be great to familarize people in America with Russia, her people, history and coulture. Rick Steves television specials could help and possibily reduce tensions between the US and Russia.

Thank You.
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Bill Musgrove

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Bill, please remove your phone number. That is too much personal info for a public board like this.

Glad you had a good time

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I agree. Ordinary tourists cannot get to know Russia like you, Bill. Tell us more, where have you been in Russia, what did you see and for how long did you stay? I have been there twice: once it was still the Soviet Union and I saw Moscow, Baku and Tbilisi and second time just 3 years ago: St.Petersburg, Moscow and while on the Volga River cruise all important towns on the river, like: Jaroslavl, Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, Samara, Saratov, Volgograd (former Stalingrad), Astrakhan and other smaller towns. It helped me that I can read Russian alphabet and understand and speak basic Russian. The cruise was done by Russian company. On the board was classical music and also a Russian folk ensemble Slavitsa. They know how to party.
Russians as a people went through a lot in history. Three books which impressed me the most: Lev Tolstoy: War and Peace,
Mikhail Sholokhov: And Quiet Flows the Don,
Alexander Solzhenicyn: The Gulag Archipelago