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Prices in Rubles in St. Petersburg

I would like to ask anyone who has traveled to St. Petersburg about prices for souvenirs and generally what to expect regarding shopping in St. Petersburg. We are traveling on a cruise ship at the beginning of May and will be touring for 2 days with a private tour guide. I am trying to decide how much money to take in Rubles. I know the Matryoshka dolls are very Russian and I am hoping the buy a few scarves and a music box and a piece of amber jewelry. If anyone has any counsel or information for me I would more than appreciate it. Thank you.

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Hello. We bought small nesting dolls in St. Petersburg as gifts from a stand near the Church of Spilled Blood. They cost about $4 each (we bought 4 sets as gifts). We also bought a nicer nesting doll in Moscow for around $30. Not sure about amber or scares. But you'll definitel see them available. ATMs are not hard to find if you need more rubles. St. Petersburg is beautiful! Enjoy!!

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Becky, Thank you so very much for your reply. I appreciate your help and insight. Rick's Northern European Cruise Port book doesn't say much about shopping in St. Petersburg and I don't personally know anyone who has been there so I feel a little lost in preparing for this part of the trip. Thanks again!

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Allison, the website has a lot of information on cruise ports ..... what to do, how to do it, where to find it, etc, etc. You might find it worthwhile to have a look.

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Allison, When my husband and I were in St Petersburg a few years back, we also had a private guide and we asked her for some recommendations for places to shop for souvenirs. One thing you might consider is getting a Russian icon. They are beautiful and very Russian. We bought a couple of smaller ones at the Church on Split Blood. Most almost all cathedrals sell them. Keep your receipt just in case you are questioned at customs. When we returned home, I took them to a framing shop and had hanging wire attached to the backs so that they could be hung on a wall. The nesting dolls are nice, but they are found everywhere. You may even find them for sale on your ship. I do not remember the cost, but they were not exorbitant. Have a wonderful time. St Petersburg is wonderful!

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I bought a really pretty amber necklace. I got it at the big shopping center on Nevsky Prospect made up of many small shops; once I had the price I went to an ATM a block or two away and got the rubles I needed. I don't think the price was a bargain but I love the necklace and don't see others here with anything like it. The souvenir sellers expect people to bargain and I greatly overpaid for the little music box I got my granddaughter. SMall potatoes, but the stuff is all pretty much alike and sells many places for about half what the souvenir sellers charge. We got a collection in large book format (but loose pages) of Russian propaganda posters; there are several different options e.g. ones focused just on Lenin, or women as well as a mix. They would be nice to frame.