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NY Times - A $1,000 Day in Moscow for $100

NY Times 'Frugal Traveler', Lucas Peterson does A $1,000 Day in Moscow for $100.

I asked him (the chief concierge at the Four Seasons Moscow) to create a day itinerary for a hypothetical high-spender that would total roughly $1,000, or about 63,000 rubles (at the conversion rate during my visit). I would endeavor to recreate the spirit of that itinerary on only $100.

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Thanks for the article. We have been to Moscow twice and have always done it on our own and cheaply. The metro system is great. W even had luck getting last minute tickets for the Bolshoi for $40 or less (not the best seats, but still an amazing experience).

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Anyone can live in Moscow for 100$
Try spend 15$ !!!

Someone lives for just 10$ ((((

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Sounds like a lot of promotion. It would be different if it was some random traveler not NY Times journalist. He probably didn't even pay for anything.