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Multiple exit/entry with Russian Visa

We will be traveling on the RS tour to Russia next year (2019) and were going to start on our own with a river cruise in Russia, then leave Russia for the tour start in Estonia. We will need to re-enter Russia with the RS tour when we travel to St. Petersburg. Does our Visa allow for 2 entries and 2 exits? Thank you in advance. Eleanor

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it relies on that where are you from. because Estonia is in schengen but russia is not. From 2014, citizens of the countries, except Belarus, who have the right to a visa-free entry to Russia must not stay longer than 90 days within any 180-day period. Resetting the allowed period by leaving and re-entering the country is no longer allowed. Overstaying up to 180 days is punishable by a three-year entry ban, on 180–270 days by a five-year entry ban, over 270 days by ten-year entry ban.
you can also find some other useful information here if you want check it: enter link description here