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Multi entry visa new york

Can anyone recommend a place in new york that can expedite the multi entry visa for russia. I know it can take 2 weeks. Is there any place that can take care of it in 10 days? Even by mail. Thanks

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In reality, nobody can expedite it for you any more than the Russian consulate themselves. They have a procedure in place for expedited processing (3 business days):

Visa fees:

The only place, essentially, that you should be submitting your hard-copy application to:

Note that they only expedite processing of 3-yr multiple entry in "cases of emergency". That doesn't apply to other kinds of visas.

Why look for a middleman?

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As I recall , ILS ( lower Manhattan , on Maiden Lane ) is your best bet . They are the linked contractor for The Russian consulate , and did the processing for my three year visas in 2015

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I used ILS in Washington DC back in 2016 and had my visa back within a week (I live in SE Virginia). Probably important to note that I went to their office in person on a Monday morning so there was a whole work week for processing.