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How do you add one or two night in St. Petersburg When St. Peter Line Ferry depart 4 days apart.?

I have been trying to schedule a trip from Stockholm with Stops in Tallinn, then St. Petersburg, then Helsinki, but the departure dates are not that convenient if you only want to stay one or two nights in St. Petersburg.
Looks like I either have to do the St. Peter Line 4 night Cruise from Stockholm or book through an agency?

The one way tickets... Stockholm to Tallinn, then Talinn to St. Petersburg works perfectly... then you can't leave St. Petersburg for 4 days until the ferry departs for Helsinki. Tried rerouting, but difficult as well.

Any ideas on how to spend an extra night and still take advantage of the Visa free, St. Peters Line benefit?
Thanks for any ideas on this.

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I looked into this last year and the only way to do the three days/two nights in St Petersburg was as a round trip from Helsinki. I ended up starting my trip in Helsinki and traveling Helsinki - St Petersburg - Helsinki on St Peter Line and then Helsinki - Stockholm on the Viking Line.

For one night, you can arrive from Tallinn on the Princess Anastasia, stay one night in a hotel and depart from Helsinki on the Princess Maria. Try selecting the "return on a different route option" on the St Peter Line website.

The St Peter Line ferry is not as nice as the Viking or Silja ferries that travel between Stockholm and Helsinki, so you may want to consider switching anyway.

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I had a couple personal question and wrote them a simple email...they were very helpful. You may want to try this if you have not already. And for what it is worth, the ferry Finland-Russia ride was fine by me and would do it again.
Good luck!

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Adding to Val's post the St Peter Line ferry was perfectly fine (didn't mean to imply it was not); however, there really aren't many activities and you asked about this on your other post. I believe there was a cinema, but the films appeared to be in Russian. I didn't notice any arcades. The pizza in the Italian restaurant was quite decent. I was told by a friend to avoid the buffet. I traveled last August.

The Stockholm - Helsinki ferries have far more in the way of activities and entertainment and better restaurants.