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Group Visa via cruise line

I will be on a cruise to Saint Petersburg in August, staying on the ship, 2 days and 1 night. I understand that so long as my excursions are organized by the cruise line or by a local tour company (Alla or similar), I will not need to secure my own personal visa. The group visa secured by the cruise line or the local tour company will suffice.

But what happens if there is a medical emergency with my travel partner or me....and we need to visit a doctor/hospital? Or if there is an emergency at home and I need to leave the ship, go to the airport, and fly home?

Would these unexpected events fall within the parameters of the group visa secured by the cruise line or the tour company.... so long as a representative of the cruise company escorts me to the hospital or the airport? Or will the immigration officials deny us the right to leave the ship as we would not have individual visas?

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Putting it another way, you can't go into St P without a tour guide. Should any of these befall, the tour guide will know what to do. Forget about it.