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Good place to see fighter jets near Moscow KUBINKA Air Force Base

Dear All,

I will be in moscow between 25 June to 01 July during World Cup 2018. In addition to see football match, i will also want to take photo of fighter jets during take off and landing in Moscow KUBINKA Air Force Base.

Is there any good place or observation deck to see fighter jets take off and landing up close nearly KUBINKA Air Force Base?

Location map:,36.6351254,12.98z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x46ca98b14cfbb535:0x7e8fcfe5a76b118f!8m2!3d55.6110862!4d36.6458087

By the way, i would like to ask whether my action (Take photo of any military such as fight jets, helicopter..etc) is legal or not.

Many for answer my question.


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I do not know the regulations off-hand, but I would recommend posting your questions on one of the many spotting communities -;>ru aviation, etc.
The biggest resource (Russianplanes) has recently been taken offline, I don't know where all the regulars moved.

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Careful you don't get arrested for espionage, especially in Russia. Taking photos of active military equipment has tripped up more than a few tourists.

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I really wouldn't recommend taking photos of Russia military establishments at the moment even from an officially designated location. The political and security situation is just too sensitive for it to be a sensible thing to do. In the present climate you can lay bets that all sides will want to make a “statement” Nothing makes a better headline than tourist/espionage arrests.

I can confirm that people do get arrested for it all over the world, my mum did in Kenya in the early 1970s! She was hitchhiking with friends and they stopped to take some photos of a pretty view with interesting buildings. Within minutes they were stopped, arrested and spent the night in a local jail where she decided that the “interesting life” that she thought she wanted was over rated. The next day she hitched a ride with a stranger who coincidentally knew an old boyfriend of hers, my dad. She didn’t know he was in the country. In 2 weeks they were engaged. So the less interesting life was my dad, no comment......l

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Dear Perilofp, Sam and Emma,

I think i will change my mind to cancel photo taking on any active military equipment/ establishments after got valubale information from all of you.
Thank you all so much.


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Restricted Areas

U.S. citizens should be aware that there are several closed cities and
regions in Russia. Travelers who attempt to enter these areas without
prior authorization are subject to arrest, fines, and/or deportation.
A traveler must list on the visa application all areas to be visited
and subsequently register with authorities upon arrival at each
destination. Travelers should check with their sponsor, hotel, or the
nearest office of the Russian FMS before traveling to unfamiliar
cities and towns.

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There are two recent high-profile cases of people interested in military hardware movements being detained and/or extradited.

One involved a rather well-known Western spotter who was detained while photographing at one of the military airfields. Not sure about the particulars of the case - or the outcome, for that matter, - but he seems to be back online posting airplane photos, so I assume he was released.

The other one was a couple of British diplos equipped with a radio scanner and photo equipment enjoying the great outdoors near another military airfield somewhere in Dagestan. This case was a bit more clear-cut precisely for the reasons cited by Edgar above - the whole area was designated restricted, and the two gentlemen didn't have clearance or permit. Luckily for them, they had diplomatic immunity.