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Dress code for Hermitage Theater Swan Lake ballet in St. Petersburg?

We have booked tickets to see Swan Lake at the Hermitage Theater in St. Petersburg in September. Is it OK for men to wear neat collared sports shirts and no jacket? What is the dress code for tourists who do not want to travel with formal clothing?

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My husband wore a golf shirt and khaki pants and I had on black pants and a fun jacket.

We looked great !

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Something nice but not too dressy. You will see both dressed up and dressed down locals in the audience. My mom wore a knit skirt and matching top, I wore black leggings and a mostly black tunic dress.
I'd advise against T shirts, jeans and trainers
Golf style shirt with khaki or dark pants will be fine.

A pashmina dresses up anything. Well maybe not for the guys.

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Hello, Anne! It`s great that you have chosen so beatiful theater) I think, pants + polo shirt would be great for this case. People here in Russia not so worried about your clothing, believe me) So feel free and welcome to St.Petersburg!

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Thank you for your responses! That is very helpful!

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This is an event designed for tourists and you will see bus loads of tourists in whatever they stood up in that morning as they won't have had time to go back to the ship to change. Don't give it a thought. Wear what you want.

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This isn't the Mariinsky, so whatever feels comfortable and appropriate to you should be OK.

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I'm totally agree with Tom - Hermitage Theater isn't Mariinsky so you can dress just something nice. I wore long dress (black dress and i looked like mermaid)))
But of course I need to look good so please don't wear something like Carla's husband - say no khaki pants!!