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Car Service vs taxi vs Uber in St. Petersburg

Does anyone have suggestions on airport transfers and generally getting around St. Petersburg using a car service, taxi or Uber. Safety, reliability and cost factors?

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We used the taxi stand outside of the arrival exit. Ww just showed our destination to the both and they arranged for the taxi to come right over. It was extremely easy and reasonable. Another time, we took the bus to the metro station and then the metro into the city. This was more of an adventure, but also easy.

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"Uber" (collectively, i.e. any rideshare services: Yandex taxi, Uber, Taxovichkof, etc.) works fine. It also tends to be really cheap, unlike car services.
Carsharing services (Yandex drive, delimobil, etc.) are very affordable (they tend to be cheaper than rideshares), but availability may be an issue.
Don't bother with non-app-based taxis.

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Me and my family used Yandex taxi everywhere. Though (!) if you try to get yandex taxi from the airport, they can scam you. They will say that they are there, but they aren't. So you have to cancel, and than they take the cancellation fee and do this to others. (I got scammed like this three times, gave up, and took a public bus.) So my advice, if you are leaving from the airport, either take a public bus, or pay (it will be 3 times the actual price) to one of the taxi drivers that are hanging out by the airport doors. You should HAGGLE with the guy. Otherwise, If you want a taxi service to take anywhere in the city, do yandex.

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This last post is not entirely accurate.
If you get an app-based taxi from an official taxi service stand (located inside the airport, for exact location visit the airport's website), it is only going to be marginally more expensive than the app (maybe 30% markup). You need to request an "economy" car, though, as they will offer a premium ride by default.

Do NOT EVER accept a ride from "one of the taxi drivers hanging out by the airport doors". Ever.

Also, to correct my previous post in this thread, Uber is not readily available now - your Uber app will default to Yandex when you open it.

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We used the Yandex taxis on both visits to Russia and they were great and inexpensive. Them combined with the metros (which are must see as so many stations are museam like in both Saint Peterburg and Moscow.) made getting around a breeze.