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Best way to reach Domododevo airport from Moscow center


My family and I will arrive at Leningradsky station (Moscow) from St Petersburg using the overnight Red Arrow Express / Grand Express. To be precise, the Red Arrow № 001А «Красная стрела» arrives at 0756 Hrs, the Grand Express № 053Ч «ГРАНД ЭКСПРЕСС» arrives at 0814 Hrs.

My outbound flight is from Domodevedo airport at 1235 Hrs. Which leaves me roughly 4h30m to reach Domododevo airport. The plan is to exit the station and leave directly for the airport.

Can you folks advise me what would be the best way to reach Domodedevo airport ? As I see it I have 2 options:

1) Take a taxi from Leningradsky station. Since it is around 0830 Hrs, I expect peak time traffic. How long will it take me to reach the airport by taxi?

2) Take a metro to Paveletskaya station, and then the aeroexpress to the airport. This means dragging 3 heavy suitcases (and self) through the turnstiles and the heavily crowded metros.

So amongst these 2 options, which is the best option? Is there a third option?

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"My outbound flight is from Domodevedo airport at 1235 Hrs. Which leaves me roughly 4h30m to reach Domododevo airport. "

No, you have to be at the airport 2-3 hours before your flight departs (depending on the destination), so if you arrive at the train station around 8 AM, you only have 1.5 to 2.5 hours to get to Domododevo.

The Metro and AeroExpress do not get stuck in traffic, whereas surface transit can. Unless you don't mind missing your plane, take the AeroExpress.

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Because there are very few direct flight to DME from LED. And at the most inconvenient of time such as midnight, or later in the day which means I have to reach Moscow one day early, thereby wasting one day of sightseeing.

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Perhaps taxi from the two train stations and then take the express train to DME? The Express train has lots of room for luggage.

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Yes taxi between the 2 train stations is doable. But far too much of unloading and loading of baggage. If it saves just maybe 15 minutes, overall no point. Might as well take the taxi directly to the airport. The resident Moscow experts on tripadvisor forums told me to take a taxi all the way. Since the date this is being planned is Tuesday 12 July, it won't be too crowded on the roads. I mean it's a mid week and holiday season so congestion will be less.

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The third option is to get a taxi to Paveletsky railway station – takes less time and money. It's about a 25 min ride at 5 p.m. which is almost the same around 8 in the morning traffic wise. Taxi drivers also have navigators. Even if the driving takes one hour you’ll make it. But if I were you I would choose the metro (3 stops, no change, 10 min maximum) even with 3 suitcases, and then the Aeroexpress train. Good luck.