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3 year Russian visa with passport that expires in 2 years

We are traveling to St. Petersburg for 4 days in August 2017. We are also planning to go back to St. Petersburg the summer of 2018 so we would like to apply for a 3 year Visas. However our passports expire March 2019. Will we be able to get a 3 year Visas?
Thank you.

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That is such a technical and critical question you should not rely on anyone here. Ask the Russians. Our son's student visa issued by Spain was not tied to his passport in anyway - if that is helpful. But with Russia, who knows?

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I agree with the previous poster. The answer is clearly written on the Russian consulate website: your document must be good past the duration of the visa. Renew your passport now and don't worry anymore about it. If your trip is coming up soon (like in the next 2-4 weeks), you can get an expedited passport (less than 5 days) by making an appointment at your local passport agency. You'll need a copy of your itinerary to prove your need is "urgent." If your trip isn't coming up soon, then just renew the passport and forget about it. )))

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We travelled to St. Petersburg last August. (We applied for three year visas, but my husband only got a two year visa because his passport expires next year.) We plan to go back to Russia in September, 2017, while we both still have valid visas. Do we need to do anything to go back--like get an invitation from a hotel or such, or can we just buy our airline tickets and go?

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No need for any additional action, you're good to go.

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This may be later than needed, but I just got a multiple entry Russian visa. My passport expires in September 2019. So they gave mne a visa good until six months prior to my expiration.