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Program 595: The Story of Spanish

Many thanks to Rick for inviting Jean-Benoit Nadeau and Julie Barlow, authors of "The Story of Spanish", to the program recently. I found the conversation wonderful and it inspired me to purchase the author's book. As a former US student who lived and studied in Spain, I jump at any opportunity to learn more about the Spanish language when I can. And because I work professionally in Latin America, the program and the book resonated with me even more.
I haven't been able to put this book down since it arrived two days ago. It is jaw dropping. I never knew the conquering Spaniards wiped out nearly 95% of the total population of the 'New World', which was attributed to the various diseases they brought with them, amongst other reasons of course. I was also unaware that Christopher Columbus lobbied both the Portugal and Spanish monarchs for nine years before gaining approval to discover a new route to India. Wow! Columbus was a persistent man. And I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I never really understood the term 'romance' language until reading this book. I just love the chapter on 'Vulgar Language'. So refreshing to read such a well-written book; it's scholarship and sources do a superb job supporting the authors' story. Can't wait to finish the book. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in gaining a deeper understanding of castellano or Español, and the continuing impact the Spanish language has on the world today.

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Thanks for the recommendation! I will order it from my library.

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Thank you for the book recommendation.
I've learned quite a bit just from your post.