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Hungary - Program 303a

I have no doubt that Mr. Steves' guests, who grew up in Hungary, were abashed, and perhaps mortified, by the unreconstructed Cold Warrior critique he treated them to. How ironic to be interviewed by an individual whose own country is erecting a police state that Stalin would have admired.

Nice going, Steves.

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Perhaps there was some editing of the live show, but there wasn't anything in the archives that relates to your comment. They (fondly) discussed their memories of time spent at a (communist government-sponsored) children's adventure camp, and how the former Austro-Hungarian country is faring these days. Standard stuff. Perhaps the guides suggested these topics to lots of other 'spontaneous' interviews. I heard no sign of abashment, mortification, nor even chagrins from the guides.

(BTW, haven't you been dead for about 15 years?)