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3/22/14 Radio-hour ..

I love Rick and am a faithful follower of both his radio show and his public television shows -- have been for YEARS now -- and this is not a criticism of his efforts to encourage 'right attitude travel'. But I was horrified at what emerged towards the end of his talk today with 'Dan Austin', and I would encourage ZERO contributions to Dan's bicycle venture until he drops the incredibly short-sighted discriminatory element that it embodies. I wrote this to his Fbook page after hearing the interview:

"Just listened to Dan telling his story on Rick Steves. Was really enjoying it until near the end when he mentioned that they actually 'play favorites' based on gender!! Astonishingly primitive outlook. And the thought of descending on another country and intentionally creating a situation wherein one gender of children ends up cruising all over Burma on wheels while the other, all the dear little boys, stand around watching (and likely and understandably resenting), is just something truly criminal. When questioned on it he justified it by saying that a girl told him that she "felt more equal", and he went on to verbally paint the picture of how incredibly happy all the girls are now. (Failed to mention the state of the the boys, however.)

In the long run this blatant discrimination against boys, as if 5 to 10 year olds were in any way responsible for how social forces over centuries and prior generations may have tended to structure the society that they were choicelessly born into, will only make for more long range social problems for everyone. I am SO sorry the Burmese let him 'do it his way'. A blind man, descending on them from one of the richest countries on the planet, to divide and discriminate between their children! -- deserving/non-deserving -- and to dole out 'special privilege' to half of them only, as the other deeply disappointed half stands hopelessly by. A damned terrible shame."

I'm really horrified by this. Just thought I'd toss it out there.



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Much ado about very little. The "dear little boys" will get over it. Dear little girls have been getting over it for centuries.

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Righto. And certainly your noteworthy feelings should in no way be questioned as it is obvious that those 8 year old boys, born into circumstances which they had absolutely zero to do with the engendering of, should most definitely be held responsible and socially punished by way of a show of blatant inopportunity whilst all around them are being showered by gifts.
Moral: To right a stupid injustice - implement an intentional injustice: two wrongs make a right. (as long as your own children and/or family remain wealthily unscathed, and all praise and benefit accrue to you (Dan).)
And here's Dan with his pay-off:

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You are certainly entitled to express your opinion, as are the others who have responded to your post. But there is no reason to be dismissive or sarcastic to those that don't share your views. They were not sarcastic to you, they simply disagree.

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I believe that you are wrong in this. If you yourself received the replies that my expression did, you would note the dismissive nastiness of them. It is an internal 'siding with' that is occurring in you that leads to your inability to sense the reality of what I'm telling you. But we are miles off the point here. This is not about me and Norma and whomever .. it is about thousands of innocent kids being publicly shorted and humiliated, which no one wishes to acknowledge because they are boys, not girls.

Even when Rick was interviewing Dan he pointedly asked the question, "But why is it that you are only giving these bicycles to the girls???" It is a wrong, and i would say unmistakably 'cruel', action on Dan's part.
(But in my poking around I see that everywhere he goes now, to countries all over the world, the girls of all ages throng around him and want to spend time with him, so .. at least it's paying off for/to him.)