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Your Most Memorable Experience


My husband and I are in our early 30s and are traveling to Portugal for 10 days at the beginning of September (itinerary still in flux, but definitely Lisbon, Sintra, and the Algavre). I was hoping to get input on what peoples' most memorable experiences were during their trips to Portugal. Obviously there are the "must sees" listed in the guidebooks, but whenever we go to Europe, it seems that we have one or two great/memorable experiences that we stumble upon almost by accident. Hoping to hear a few insights on what your best memories were in Portugal and where to go to experience them. Thanks!


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My wife and I were in Portugal in late September 2008. Sunset in Nazare was very memorable for us. Visit to Obidos was quote nice too. Riding trams around Lisbon, the castle, and Belem. Lisbon in general, and Sintra--every bit of both of them. Algarve never called to me, maybe because I live somewhat near the ocean, maybe because it seem like a bit of a tourist trap.

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it seems that we have one or two great/memorable experiences that we stumble upon almost by accident

Therein lies the problem with asking for opinions on other people's "must see's". Some of your most memorable experiences weren't those you found in a guidebook, they were personal to you and if others had experienced them they might not have considered them so memorable. Even between my wife and I we have different opinions on some sights so expecting a stranger to recommend somewhere that would be a must see for me is a bit of a gamble. Personal tastes are far too subjective, whether it be food, music, film etc to base your travel planning on.

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Thanks for your input. We wouldn't base our travel planning around it, but if we're in the area anyways and it sounds like something up our alley, we'd love to consider checking out things that others have found to be special. I agree that it is very subjective, but will be interesting to hear the options that are out there that we might not have otherwise known about :)

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Evora was an interesting visit. Lunch in the courtyard behind the cathedral. Tomar too is worth some time, as a typical Portuguese town.

The trams of Lisbon are a must for me.

Obidos and Nazare were far too touristy and I wouldn't return to either.

I liked the camera obscura in Tavira.

The countryside of the Alentenjo is much nicer than the Algarve. Zambujeira do Mar is a great beach resort in the Alentenjo. Good walking nearby too.

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Lagos and Sagres.

I grew up in Brazil. We got a good dose of Portuguese history in school. Being in Dom Henirque territory and spend a 1/2 day in Sagres was very meaningful to me. Maybe more than it would be for others :). Stopped in Salema for a good lunch on the way back to Lagos. We had a rental car.

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Foodwise, it was dinner at the Pousada in Evora. Just outside of town was also the first prehistoric dolmen we'd ever seen (before seeing on subsequent trips to the British Isles), which sparked a real interest in stone-age sights.