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Uber in Lisbon

Hi, We heard about pickpockets in taking the tram. Is there Uber in Lisbon? I understand that we need to have wifi but can I just use my uber App that I used here? There will be 4 of us. I wonder if it will be more cost effective than taxi or Tuk Tuk ( some areas)? Thanks.

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There is definitely Uber is Lisbon, but not sure if you use the same app as in the States. Tuk Tuk are quite expensive and not found everywhere. The taxis in Lisbon are very reasonable. And, the metro system will get you a lot of places in Lisbon if you are willing to walk a bit.

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I used Uber in Lisbon very easily from my iPhone app that I use at home in the US. It was pretty inexpensive, but so are the taxis. We took the bus and the tram also. Just be sure you are wearing your money belt if you use the public transportation. Have a great time!

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We used uber in Lisbon this week with the normal app and it was no problem. Our airbnb host warned us that taxi drivers were not to be trusted due to scams like driving wothout the meter on.

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It is easy to just make sure the,taxi meter is running.

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We are in Lisbon now and am enjoying the city.With all the hills in this beautiful city,,Uber is a life saver. I just used same app I used back home. It helps that I have an international plan with Verizon which I turned on when I have to use uber and they can call me too if we can't locate each other.