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Tuk Tuk tour of Lisbon

My husband and I will be in Lisbon at the end of February. We would like to take a half day Tuk Tuk tour the day we arrive. Can anyone recommend a specific company that gives Tuk tuk tours that give you an overview of the city?

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hey linda
look at,,, also stop by a tourism info kiosk in town and see what they offer. have fun you'll enjoy.

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We used We had a large group that required multiple tuk tuks, and needed pick-up and drop off at our hotel. The extra charge for hotel pick-up and drop off was only 5 euros per tuk tuk. The company had excellent communication through email whenever I had questions. The drivers were very safe and professional. There are different tours you can choose from. I highly recommend this company.

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I know they are popular with tourists, but keep in mind that tuk tuks are a very recent addition to Lisbon. Many locals hate them, particularly the ones with diesel engines. If you have serious mobility limitations, maybe this would be an acceptable option, but there are many other ways to see the historic neighborhoods of Lisbon. I have spent a lot of time in Lisbon, and I highly recommend wandering around the city on foot. When you get tired, you can easily find a cafe where you can sit, and enjoy the local culture. Note that Lisbon taxis are not expensive. Rather than a tour on a tuk tuk, consider riding the 28 tram to the end of the line and back. Start early in the morning to avoid the crowd at the Praça do Martim Moniz. When you get to the end of the tram line, walk over to the Mercado de Campo de Ourique (Ourique public market) to get a snack and see how the locals shop. Then back to the tram line for a ride back to where you started. If you have an interest in cemeteries, the entrance to the Cemitério dos Prazere is at the end of the 28 tram line.

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I don't have the answer you want - particularly because I don't have much experience in Lisbon.

But I do know about tuk tuks. I would worry about the environmental damage done by a fleet of them. Their engines are very very inefficient, even though they are small. I'm surprised that they have passed Portugal's emission control laws - or is there a loophole?

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I agree with captvic4 completely. I am 70 and still feel to "young" to skip the fun of just wandering around on foot. The only thing I would add is to look for a walking tour for the first day. It will orient you and give yo a great introduction to a fabulous city.
This assumes you have no mobility problems, of course