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Trip report from a newb - Lisbon

Long time lurker, first time posting. Travelling with my husband, we had no issues getting through customs/security at the Lisbon airport; they didn't ask any questions about Covid or ask to view any documentation. Porto was enjoyable; lines were relatively short; I highly recommend the Francesinha sandwich after a day spent hiking up and down enumerable staircases. If you have some spare time, I recommend making it out to the ocean side of Porto, and visiting Farolim de Felgueiras.
I want to promote Evora; it doesn't seem to get a lot of love in guides but is a very nice town to visit. I especially want to highlight a tour I took with the
Ebora Megalithica company ( If you are interested in history, especially ancient history, I highly recommend. Sira is leading the outfit; she has taken over from Mario, who was listed in the guidebook. She was very helpful in figuring out transportation from Lisbon to Evora; for anyone as lost as I was, use Rede Expressos bus line from Lisboa Sete Rios bus station. The tour was incredibly good; Sira is a font of knowledge. I learned a lot of history about the Neolithic era, as well as local botany.

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I took that tour a couple of weeks ago. It was just my husband and myself since the other party canceled that morning due to rain in the forecast. It was fabulous and we got the most beautiful weather. I really enjoyed chatting with Sira. I think she's great. Took the bus there (got a bit lost finding the bus stop), and the train home. Spent a night at a nice and inexpensive b&b.