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Trip report and Covid: December 2021 - January 2022

Wanted to share what we learned - will also post our experiences in Spain in that forum

1) No museo or restaurant in Potugal has required proof of a Covid test or asked to see our vaccine cards.
2) Mask wearing is very good indoors and on public transportation; some people wear it outdoors but not most.
3) Hand sanitizer is everywhere.

We have felt quite safe in Portugal since they vaccination rates are so high and everyone is careful to mask inside.

The only place, so far, that we have been asked to show proof of vaccination was at a Munich airport duty free shop.

Boarding the Lufthansa flight from Munich to Lisboa was delayed because they don't have a good system in place to check your vaccination results and your passport - just 1-2 harried employees who did not speak English (and therefore had a hard time with the American test results).

Arriving in Lisboa, no one checked anything- we walked through an area with temperature sensors (us and another 20+ people) and purportedly they find anyone with a high temp and take them aside - we did not see anyone detained.


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Very interring about the Lisbon airport. I returned home to Portugal last Thursday. There was a separate line before passport control where negative test results were confirmed and a blue bracelet placed on arms. Only then were we allowed to go through passport control then on into the rest of the terminal.

The airline from the states (TAP from Chicago) was very careful with negative test results and passenger locator forms being completed.

I’m a bit dismayed to read your experience. The numbers here are very high and I was thinking the airport was being very careful. Hope your experience was an isolated one.

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I flew into/out of Lisbon from the US on December 18th and 24th, respectively, and had the same experience as kathryn. I received a blue wristband after having my negative test checked on both legs.

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Kathryn - we flew in 23/12/21, perhaps they became more careful about checking tests after that date?

Also, I am pretty sure in Munich we were only able to board with a negative test.

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Traveling from USA to Portugal over 2 weeks during Christmas and New Years holiday was simply great. No problems dealing with COVID rules and regulations. Testing was easy to schedule during the trip. Quick receipt of test results. Restaurants, public places, airport, thermal spa, etc usually checked Testing results, or Vax...and required Masks. People were being considerate of one another and wearing masks pretty much everywhere. Hurray! Whole situation during COVID just requires preparation, patience, and kindness.