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transiting through Frankfurt on Luftansa, on return trip to US from Portugal

Hi !
Anyone traveled through Frankfurt on Luftansa to return to the US? I think I'm clear on what Covid tests I need, but I saw something about digitally registering with foreign health minister in Germany if you are coming from a high risk area (which Portugal is now). Has anyone needed to do this? I'm just changing planes and am in the country 2+ hours.


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We flew through Munich on the way home from Barcelona in October last year. We just had to show our paper proof of negative covid test we took in Barcelona. Since you are in transit you aren't entering the country, just have your CDC vaccination card handy, but mostly the negative covid test paper.

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Hi - we had the same concerns but had no issues traveling through Munich on Lufthansa on our return to the US. At passport control they only asked for our final destination and checked our passport, no other document was required.

FYI: the duty free shop was the only place that checked our vaccination card and our passport on the entire trip.

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We had the same experience as Ellen. We connected from Florence through Munich to LAX. We just showed our negative covid test in Florence and in Munich.