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Train to Porto from Lisbon Airport?

I am looking for specifics regarding the details on taking the train from Lisbon airport to Porto.

Is there any direct route to the Apolinia station or should I take an uber or Taxi? Or is there another train station that would also go to Porto?

From what I can tell in the Rick Steves book it looks like the Appolnia station in Lisbon is the one to use and it goes into Campagnia in Porto for the direct route. I saw another station refernced Oriente, but did not see that come up on the train schedule - is it called somethong else?

Has anyone done this recently and can help me get correct info? I will be traveling by myself so I like to have the details set before i arrive.

Thanks for your help/advice,

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From the Lisbon Airport, you take the Red Line on the metro to Oriente and then go upstairs to the train to Porto. When you're searching for schedules on the Comboios de Portugal website, type in "Lisboa" and look for the "Oriente" station. When you get to Porto you may need to take another short train to San Bento station, depending on where you're staying. The train to San Bento is included on your Lisbon-Porto ticket. You don't need to buy another one.

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Oh thank you! - Do you know approximately how long it takes on the metro from the airport to the train station? I'm tryng to allow enough time to get to the trian station but get tickets ahead of time so I don't get caught on a slower rural route train.

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Google Maps says the trip from the Lisbon Airport to the Oriente metro station takes 6 minutes.

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As said above, just take the metro to Oriente, and pick the train there. You should book ahead the train tickets, and with more than 60 days you can get a discount (also if you are 65 or more). Buy tickets at

At Campanhã station (Porto) you shoul comute trains if you want to go to São Bento, the ride is about 3 minutes, but even so try to seat at the left side of the train, for the view. It's just a glance fo the Douro river, but anyway...

If you are not staying downtown, at Campanhã you have several buses and also metro (metro station is inside trains station).