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Train in Portugal--top to bottom

planning two weeks in Portugal early March

will not be renting a car

always travel by train when inEurope
meeting people and watching the counytryside go by

getting on and off wherever I want

possible to do this from the north tonthe outh in Portugal
obviously spending time in Lisbon and Porto

Portugal railpass good for 8 out of the 14 days---a good idea?

thank yo

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  1. Would not do railpass.
  2. Would sign up at website.
  3. Would sign in and look at prices if you buy tickets at least 8 days in advance.
  4. The price variation from Porto to Faro ranges from €70,70 to €23,00 on the same AP train.
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thank you....but a Portugal 1st class railpass is about $200 for eight days
fine for me

saves me standinginline waiting for tickets...and able to jump on and off where I please
and...are there two separate train systems in Portugal?

sincerely appreciate your advice and response

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We loved Portugal. We visited there last May. We spent a few days in Lisbon, then on a tour to the north to take a week long Douro River cruise, which was fantastic. Also, on our cruise, we took a day trip to Salmanaca, Spain,, which was great.

We stayed in Porto for two nights after the cruise and loved the city. Highly recommend the InPatio Guesthouse Bed and Breakfast. It is the best we have ever stayed in. From Porto, we took a day trip to Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, Spain, great trip.

We took the train from Porto to Lisbon to catch our return flight. You won't see much of the countryside on that train. It is a high speed train and good transportation.