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Tolls in Portugal

I am renting a car in Spain and driving through Portugal. I am confused about the Via Verde transponder vs the Easy Toll card. As I understand it, the Easy Toll card only covers electronic toll stations. Rick states in his Portugal book that at some toll roads, you pick up a ticket and go to the post office to pay the toll. Can someone clarify this confusing system and the easiest way to drive through Portugal

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I have never seen a Toll road like you describe. They all have the Via Verde lanes but also have lanes with machines you can pay by cash or credit card. And, I'm pretty certain they all have at least one lane with a person. But, the credit card lanes work beautifully.
As I have not been on all the toll roads in the country, it's possible there might be some antiquated ones in the more rural areas, but it seems very unlikely to me.

Most, if not all, of the toll roads were built when Portugal entered the EU and are significantly better than a lot in the U.S.

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Pam is closest.

start with this map.

thick grey allow manual payment

red routes are electronic payment only, see

signing up for easy toll would seem to be easiest for you but note it can only be done at a few points close to the spanish border. If you return the car some time before the 30 day limit I think it would be a good idea to phone and cancel the subscription - the next renter could take it back to Portugal and you might pay the tolls! If your stay in Portugal was longer than 30 days I'm not sure what you would do, other than head back to a border point and sign up again.

Foreign registered cars cannot pay later.

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Thanks for the information. I think Easy Toll is what I need. There is an entry at the south where I will enter and it has the purchase booths. I will only be there 10 days and will cancel the pass when I leave. I still am confused about what Rick said in his book that at some location you can't pay as you exit but must go to the post office to pay. It may be that he has old information.