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Tickets for Sintra?

Hello! We're going to be in Lisbon for a few days next month and we want to make a day trip to Sintra. Is it wise to buy tickets for the Sintra attractions ahead of time? Which attractions would you recommend most, and how many is it realistic to do in a single day?
Thank you!

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Definitely buy the Pena Palace tickets ahead of time. Note that you can choose to buy entry into the palace or just the park. The park includes most of the famous colorful terraces of the palace, just not the interior. Lines are long to enter the interior - not the ticket line (though that is long if you don’t have advance tickets), but the actual line to go inside. We didn’t go inside so can’t say if it’s worth it. The park ticket allowed us to see a lot and we were happy with it.

I’d say an ambitious person could easily do 3 sights. We did two, plus a long lunch in town and walked between Pena-town-regalaria-train station Took a cab up to Pena from the train station but otherwise walked everywhere which took a long time but we like walking a lot. We were back at the train station by 4, but we did get to Pena at opening at 9. Taking more transit would give you a lot of extra time.

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The RS guide book has good detailed instructions on advice for a day trip to Sintra. If I remember correctly, it suggested and I followed getting tickets in advance for the Pena Palace and maybe one other while you are on the ticket ordering site anyway, and then see if you have time and energy for more once you are there.

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We only had time for the castle on our day trip as we wanted to also walk the town. It was all outstanding. Ordering tickets ahead of time as RS says def saves time! We could easily have stayed there two full days. If I could have planned it again, we would have stayed longer. It's beautiful there! Enjoy!

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Just returned from P. We bought tix for Peña Palace on Tiqet while standing in line! The line to go inside was a couple of hours long, so we didn’t bother ( and those waiting looked pretty grumpy) - just did terraces and garden which was great fun. Moor castle is right across the way. I also recommend Regaleira and Monserrat on the other side. Faster and about same price to do Peña/castle with tuk tuk.

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Just returned from Lisbon Monday. Get tickets for Pena Palace ahead of time, but try to get there when it first opens---or simply wait until later in the day. We arrived at 9:20 and only waited a few minutes. Then you go through the entrance and wait for the shuttle to take you up to the Palace (this is a ticket as well, unless you want to walk). Standing in line to get tickets is a waste of time. I thought Sintra was very nice, so walk around the center a bit. Get a pastel de nata where you see them making them in the window (and generally a line that moves pretty quickly)! I had watched a YouTube video about the Moorish castle and we decided to skip it. Maybe watch a video and decide what you think works for you. We watch several and then make a decision. Have a pastel de nata for me!

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We're going to be there (in Sintra) in a couple weeks. For Pena Palace, after reading about the lengthy lines, leaning towards just enjoying the terraces and gardens. Do you need a ticket for the terraces/outside? We are also planning to do the Moorish and likely Monserrat and Quinta.

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I wondered the same thing about if we needed advance tickets for just the Pena grounds/ park (not interested in really going inside). Some of you said you did, but when i go to the website it looks like the tickets are for the interior of the palace as well. Is there any way to just buy tickets for the exterior?