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The new CP PT Train website

CP changed their website yesterday and it's a total mess. I was trying to buy train tickets last night and experienced tons of troubles. Either the screen would just freeze up or the website would just give me a blank screen. It is so clunky that finally I found out that I paid for train tickets but my transaction never went through. I am so upset. Is anyone having the same trouble?

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Sorry you were having troubles. I haven't used that Website, but RENFE and SNCF for Spain and France have always been frustrating to use.

If your transaction didn't go thru but your payment did, can you cancel the credit card paymnet immediately with your credit card company? Hope you're able to get better results.

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Thanks for the heads-up. Since Portuguese train tickets are relatively cheap to buy in stations, that's the way we tend to buy them. Although some main-line trains like Lisboa-Porto are reserved, they also run hourly.

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It is a pending charge to my cc. Since it was an invalid transaction, I am waiting to see if that charge falls off. If not, I have to contact CP again. What a hassle!
I know, I might just buy my train tickets over there. It's just that their online prices are really good.

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Hi Kathy,

I just had a similar problem with CP (They gave an error message saying operation refused)

Did they remove the hold charge automatically in the end? Or did you have to call up your bank to clarify and everything?