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TAP AIR credit

Like many of us, I have an airline credit from a cancelled 2020 trip. My credit is on TAP air and expires early next year, but the main time I have available is this fall. So I'm thinking of using my credit to do a week+ in Lisbon and area in early October. Right now there is an affordable (within my credit amount) flight, but I'm concerned about booking because technically Americans aren't yet allowed in Portugal. I'm pretty confident this will change - and I am fully vaccinated, if that is required, as well as more than willing to take a test - but I obviously can't go if not allowed or if a quarantine is required in Portugal, since I only have a little over a week. So, this is a long winded way of getting at my real question - if I book now, using a TAP air credit and flying direct from Chicago to Lisbon, can I reschedule using my credit if policy won't allow me to go or is using a credit a one-time, no refund thing? I know they allow changes for purchased tickets, but I can't find anything about credits.

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Based on my experience, I'd say if you want to go to LIsbon in October, start trying to talk to TAP today. Now. Allow for hours on hold, getting cut off before your turn and not much customer service if you do get through. It's also entirely possible that you could get 2 different answers to the same question. It's called Take Another Plane airlines for a reason.

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You have to locate and read their policies online probably on their site or call them.

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And, yes TAP has a pretty bad reputation for customer service - only if you have to make changes and do the kinds of things you need to do. Flying with them is really good within Europe and I’ve now added a flight to Chicago with them that was good. Do be prepared for frustration trying to talk with them - unfortunately.

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Thanks, I couldn’t find anything on the site and getting ahold of a person isnt the easiest! I might just book it, worst case is I loose my credit but if I don’t go this fall, that credit is likely to expire anyway.