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TAP air carry-on baggage enforcement Q

We are flying TAP air from SFO to Zurich via Lisbon this summer. Our carry-on bags seem to be just a bit (3-4 cm) over the maximum total dimensions and the depth dimension that TAP air allows for "hand" baggage. I also see TAP has fairly restrictive size and weight limitations for the "personal item" that you can also carry on the plane with you (4.4 lbs!).

I am wondering how closely they enforce these rules if passengers are just a bit over them? My experience with U.S. domestic carriers is that they don't enforce to the letter so long as you are close. Not sure how true that is internationally or with this particular airline.

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If the flight is near full, the rules are likely to be enforced more rigorously. They have rules for a reason and the cost of non-compliance and checking in a bag at the airport on the day of travel is much higher than booking in advance. I have seen TAP and many other airlines check bag size and weight.

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We flew TAP 3 years ago from Porto to Madrid, but checked our luggage. At that time I don't believe they had a weight restriction on personal item. I doubt my personal carry-on bag weighed less than 4.4 lbs. Hmmm, must be a new restriction?

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I flew them last year. The answer to your question is "it depends" - mostly on the person doing the check in. My bag was exactly the correct size and weight but my travel companions was a couple cm and at least a couple pounds over weight. Our check in person let her take it on but at the next counter we could hear the passenger arguing with the agent about it being only 1 kg over weight and they were not allowing it. They looked at but didn't weigh our personal item (I had literally taken my heavy stuff and put it in my pockets before I got on line just in case). This was departing Boston. Coming back, departing Lisbon they seemed less stringent, which is the opposite of my experience with flying to/from Europe. So it really is luck. If you want to be absolutely sure you can carry it on you better make sure it meets their conditions.