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Taking Bus from Lisbon to Seville other than Alsa


In early June, when I will be in Portugal, I want to take the bus from Lisbon to Seville, Spain.

In his travel guide, Rick recommends taking the Alsa bus, but it is an overnight trip. I want to leave Lisbon during the day and arrive in Seville in the evening.

EVA Tranportes has a bus from Lisbon to Faro. From there, a second bus can be taken to Seville.

It appears that EVA online tickets cannot be purchased this far in advance, though I might be able to buy tickets online when it is closer to June. Perhaps it would be easiest to purchase the bus tickets when I am in Lisbon.

Is it likely to be able to purchase EVA tickets for both legs of my desired trip--first, Lisbon to Faro; then, Faro to Seville--in Lisbon a couple days in advance without their being sold out?

Please let me know.

Thank you.


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The answer to your question is - certainly for Lisbon to Faro - with the number of journeys per day you are sure to be on one of them.
I have never booked any more than one day in advance for an inter city bus journey in Portugal or Spain. I think there has always been several seats still available and I do not think you will have a problem Faro to Sevilha, but I doubt anyone who responds on here has second sight and can forecast how many might turn up wanting a seat for a particular journey as you will.

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I agree with Neil. I've never bought bus tickets more than a day in advance and never had a problem. But we can't guarantee it.

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Alsa also has a direct Lisbon-Seville bus departing at 13:45 and arriving 21:30; I see that running as early as June 5, but it may not run on your travel date. I have also never bought a bus ticket more than a day ahead and would expect no trouble to buy both tickets in Lisbon. The overnight bus is Plan B, if necessary.

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Did you consider flying? I just booked a flight from Seville to Lisbon for ~$75. Flight takes 55 minutes.