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Separate COVID tests for Azores and Lisbon?

I will be flying from Boston to Ponta Delgada in the Azores for a week, then to Lisbon for another week+ before returning to the US. I know we'll need a COVID test before we leave the US for entry, but do we need a second test when we leave the Azores and fly to Lisbon? Since The Azores are part of Portugal, and that flight to Lisbon will be domestic, are we required to take a second test? Any help is appreciated!

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I checked with my Azores family and they do not think you need to test flying to Lisbon from the Azores as of now. However, rules change quickly, so your best and safest bet is to contact the airline directly. If flying on SATA/Azores Airlines, here is their contact page:

I normally call the Ponta Delgada office using SKYPE, and when prompted press the button to speak with an English speaking representative. You can also chat online if that is easier.

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They make it very clear if flying domestic from mainland Portugal to the Azores, there is no testing requirement or any sort of entry restrictions which can be found on multiple websites but oddly do not provide the information in reverse anywhere I could find.

I can confirm on our recent flight from Madeira to Ponta Delgada we entered as a domestic flight and there was zero entry requirements or restrictions.
That really doesn't help answer your question though.

I assume you are flying SATA; I would reach out to them as they must know the answer. Any such checks would typically be done by the airline before you board the flight in Ponta Delgada not upon arrival in Lisbon.

TIP: make sure your phone, ipad, etc... is fully charged before the flight as our your bluetooth headphones.
That Boston to Azores flight and Azores to Lisbon flight likely has zero seatback entertainment but does have free limited wifi (limited to SATA's entertainment which you can stream to your own device).