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Route suggestions for traveling from Sao Martinho do Porto to a bit north of Lamego.

Hello. We will be driving from Sao Martinho do Porto to a quinta north of Lamego. Does anyone have a suggestion for a route they think will be the most scenic and interesting? suggests 3 routes, all taking about 3 hours. We will be visiting areas and cities to the east and north of Sao Martinho do Porto during our stay there. I am not sure if we will go to Coimbra during this time or perhaps we will see it on our way to Lamego, or we will skip it.
The 1st route Rome2rio suggests is the shortest and has you taking the A8 up around Leiria and then taking the IP1 north to Coimbra where you then go NE on the IP3, past Viseu and onto Lamego.
The 2nd Rome2rio route has you going on the A8 north and then continuing north on the A17 (a more coastal route) up to Aveiro. A17 seems to merge with A25 at which point you go east until you hit the IP3 outside of Viseu. You then continue onto Lamego on the IP3.
The 3rd route suggested follows the 1st route to Coimbra, at which point you continue north on E1 until you meet up with A25 by Aveiro, at which point you follow the A25 as in the 2nd route.
Does anyone have any suggestions on which route would be the most interesting? I'm pretty certain that I will be good with any route but I would love to hear any suggestions on this.
Many thanks.

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As I've done limited driving in that area, I don't really have much of an opinion. You might research the towns along each suggested route and see what interests you the most. But, when you mention a more coastal route, don't count on it being close enough to actually see water. But, I've heard good things about Aveiro and Viseu. And, Leiria is supposed to have a great restaurant for suckling pig. Sorry to not be of more help...

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Hi Kathryn, thanks for the heads up about the 'coastal' route not really being on the coast and thus able to see the ocean. I remember hearing that from someone on the forum a while back and I forgot about it. I will make my decision accordingly.