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road safety from Pinhao to Estremoz Portugal

In May 2022 we are renting a car in Porto and driving through the valley to Pinhao. From Pinhao we want to head back south to Estremoz, Evora and eventually Algarve. Is the route A25 and IP2 a save option? Is it worth of driving to see the east side of Portugal? Or should we change our route possibly going back to Porto, Coimbra to Evora?


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The roads in Portugal have improved immensely over the past 30 years and are now among the best in Europe. The drive out of Pinhao is very twisty, but the N-roads are all 2 lanes, so there is no issue with oncoming traffic (the same cannot be said about rural roads in many parts of France...). If you are comfortable driving to Pinhao, you will have zero issue driving out towards Estremoz.
Beyond the first hour or so, IP2 and the A-roads are very modern, with wide curves, and multiple lanes in the case of the A-roads, so really no issue.
Have a look at Google Street View and judge by yourself.