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Question about visiting Portugal from Spain

Is it possible to enter Portugal from Spain (the land borders are open) as a (fully vaccinated) US citizen with COVID test results in hand, if you've been in Spain for a certain amount of time? This seems like a scenario that's not clear. I'm hopeful that Portugal will reopen officially to US travelers (no matter what country one is entering from) by the time I hope to travel, but wonder if it is OK under current framework if one is coming from within EU.

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It seems that the guidelines and policies regarding border crossings are changing almost daily. I have read conflicting reports regarding land crossing of the Portuguese/Spanish border in the past few days. You can try phone calls to local tourist offices in both countries, but you may not actually know the current policies until you get to the border. In some cases, travelers have been able to cross without any documentation, and at other times they have been asked to provide proof of a negative test within the past 72 hours. Just to make things more complicated, there may be different requirements depending on your nationality.

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At this time Portugal is not accepting travelers from the States unless you are a resident of Portugal. Some people have manipulated their way into Portugal doing exactly as you describe. The borders only recently reopened between the two countries.
As Portugal is a poor country with much more limited medical capacity than the US, I have a big concern about people flaunting the rules. The Portuguese people and expats who live here have been much more restricted during the last 15 months than the US, and have paid dearly with this virus. Please hold off on your trip until Portugal welcomes you back. I’m hoping it will be within the next several weeks.

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It is not black and white. Most of the entry requirements are based on where you are coming from, it is presumed, if crossing from land, that you are coming from an EU/Schengen Country (Spain). However, "where you come from" can be interpreted as "14 Days ago", that seems to be an EU recommendation.

Crossing a land border, even if uncontrolled, still requires you to comply with any Portuguese entry and Covid requirements, if stopped by Police (a rental car, hauling tourists, with Spanish plates would be a big red flag) it would largely be up to their judgement as to allowing you to continue, or escort you back to the border.

At the minimum, you would need to be able to show entry to the Schengen zone (hopefully greater than 14 days) a Covid test completed within 72 hours of entry to Portugal. If you would normally be expected to quarantine, you still need to, and need to register in their SEF system, even if cross by land.

An Edit: Entry by air also requires you provide information on where you are staying (Passenger Locator Form), If arriving by land, technically, you are required to register your arrival, this is actually done by the Hotel you are staying at (why they ask for a passport), or if staying in a private home, you need to register yourself.

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I don't have any intention of breaking or bending the rules. I'm trying to understand the rules so I can follow them, and since rules were written in such a way that muddied whether it's your nationality or which country you enter from (and after how long) that matters to be in compliance, I wanted to ask.

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Any updates on this subject ?
I have some friends that have traveled just this week from Spain to Portugal by bus and they didn’t have any trouble, fully vaccinated but nobody asked them for anything….. I am planning on driving on mid July also fully vaccinated since 2 months ago…. Pls your advise

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I'm also curious if there are any updates. I'm considering flying into Porto and traveling to Galicia to visit friends of my son.

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Any update on this? I have a really weird and unique situation if anyone can help? I am a UK national (UK passport) but I'm a US GreenCard holder living in USA. I have a US Pfizer double vaccine card.

I will be flying to UK in September to visit family and will be traveling from there to Portugal. Currently Portugal rules state that unvaccinated people traveling from US must quarantine for 14 days (impossible for me as my trip is only 8 days). I am fully vaccinated BUT it was not administered in UK and herein lies the problem! There is onflicting info - some says it need to be an NHS administred vaccine, some say it just need s to be a vaccine approved by EU (Pfizer is approved). I have been trying to contact consulates for 2 weeks and can't get through to anyone.

I also cannot fly back to US to then fly to Portugal as you also need to quarantine if you're been in UK within 14 days which I will have been.

So ... the only solution I can think of is to fly from UK to Madrid (no restrictions, just a PCR test which is fine) and then catch as bus to Lisbon. Does anyone know if that's possible? I will still have been in UK 14 days before and I AM fully vaccinated but don't have NHS pass or EU vaccine pass. Will I get stopped and send back? Are there border checks and are they are strict as the airports?

I'm flying for work and can't miss this trip