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Portugal -Seville,Cordoba,Gibraltar- Carcassonne

Hi, am planning a long holiday (4-6 weeks) for next year. Travel between the above locations are my struggling points. I am OK before Portugal (fly in from London) and after Carcassonne (hire a car).

I am trying to find the right balance between time taken and cost between the above destinations.

Portugal is open, i will either fly to Porto or Lisbon and drive/train to the other. But how about getting to Spain/Gibraltar from Portugal then from Spain/Gibraltar to Carcassonne? I would prefer to bypass Barcelona/Madrid as I have been there before but am unsure whether that would provide an effcient or cost-effective solution. All suggestions are welcome.

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Working backward: Options for getting to Carcassonne (assuming you don't want an up-to-9-hr. train ride with a 10-minute connection at Madrid-Atocha) seem to fall out as follows:

From Seville, fly to Toulouse or Barcelona, then train. I'd fly to Toulouse if possible, because there must surely be more Toulouse-Carcassonne trains than Barcelona-Carcassonne connections.

From Cordoba, you could backtrack to Seville and take one of the flights suggested above, or you could get to Carcassonne by train in less than 8-1/2 hours.

From Gibraltar, the best option is to take a bus to Malaga and fly to Toulouse or Barcelona, then train. These are substantially more time-consuming options than departures from Cordoba and Seville, so I think you do not want Gibraltar to be your last stop before Carcassonne.

To get across the border from Lisbon, your fastest option is to fly, and I'd head to Malaga to get Gibraltar out of the way first. From Malaga you'll have a 3-1/2 to 4-hour bus ride to Gibraltar.

From Gibraltar you'll have another 4-hour bus ride to Seville.

Then Cordoba is a quick train ride (less than an hour) from Seville.

Alternatively, you can get a bus from Gibraltar to Algeciras, then a train to Cordoba (perhaps 5 hours), You would then visit Cordoba before Seville.

I obtained the trip durations from Don't bank on them without verifying them. If you keep drilling down you should eventually find a link to the appropriate bus company's schedule. Go to to check flights. Use for train schedules.

Including Gibraltar in this itinerary is really costing you a lot of time. Be sure it's worth it.

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If Gibraltar is a high priority, then flying to Malaga is probably best. Most people find it's a long, time-consuming journey there and back for "not much to see." Have you been to Granada? That's a much more rewarding destination. shows it's over 3 hours by bus from Malaga to Gibraltar (and a lot longer from anywhere else). Then after returning to Malaga, take the train to Cordoba, then to Sevilla. The trains from Malaga to Sevilla go through Cordoba so there's no backtracking (and it's less than an hour's journey between Sevilla and Cordoba).

If Gibraltar is a must-see, it may be more efficient to rent a car in Malaga and return it in Cordoba or Sevilla.

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If you cut Gibraltar, then transport from Lisbon to Seville is either by flying ( or by a direct, 7-hour bus ( You can assume that buses are always relatively cheap. Flights also are usually affordable if booked somewhat in advance; don't assume that flying is the most expensive option. Trains over a long distance tend to be expensive in Spain and France, unless booked well ahead, e.g., 1 - 3 months in advance.