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Portugal Itinerary Review

I had posted earlier and since we have changed our plans a little bit. Someone recommended staying at a place in the Douro Valley which we have added. I wouldn't mind a bit more feedback before we finalize and start booking accommodations.
Lisbon - 4 nights
Tavira or other place in Algarve - 3 nights
Evora - 2 nights
Douro Valley - 2 nights
Porto - 2 nights
Coimbra - 2 nights
Lisbon (airport hotel) - 1 night

Could any of these nights be consolidated into one city and sights visited through day trips?
Is anything missing or not worth the stop?

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You can also use this Itinerary as a guide on planning your Portugal Trip:

Lisbon: 4 Nights

Day 1 - Lisbon

Day 2 - Lisbon

Day 3 – Lisbon (Day Trip Sintra)

Day 4 - Lisbon

Algarve: 3 Nights:
Stay in Albufeira

Day 1 - Albufeira

Day 2 - Albufeira (Day Trip to Lagos and Tavira)

Day 3 - Albufeira

Evora: 2 Nights

Day 1: - Evora

Day 2 – Evora (Day Trip to Arralolos)

Coimbra: 2 Nights

Day 1 - Coimbra

Day 2 - Coimbra (Day Trip to Nazare)

Porto: 4 Nights

Day 1 - Porto

Day 2 - Porto

Day 3- Porto (Day trips to Douro Valley towns of Pinhao, Amarante. or Lamego)

Day 4 – Porto

Lisbon (airport hotel) 1 night

Hope that helps,
Take care

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It would be helpful to know when you are traveling, and some description of your interests. In my opinion, you will be spending a lot of time moving from place to place, and checking into and out of many hotels. With only two weeks, I would not try to visit more than two or three locations.

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Personally, I would drop the Algarve, but if you insist on going there, Tavira is the most authentic. Albufeira would be my last choice of resort unless you like visiting with lots of drunk youngsters and stag/hen parties. You can visit either Lagos or Tavira from there, but not both in one day as they are 2+ hours apart.

Striking the Algarve and adding time in say Foz do Arelho would cut down on the travel time and give you some beach time plus you would have time to see some of the delightful towns such as Tomar en route to Porto.

None of the places you mention can easily be consolidated, as they are too far apart, with the exception of Evora that could be done as a day trip from Lisbon, although you won’t be able to see all that Evora has to offer unless you stay overnight. Two nights means only 1/1.5 days there, allowing for travel time.