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Portugal in november

Hi, Im planning to visit portugal in middle of november.
First do 2 days in madrid and fly to lisbon.My idea is stay 3 nights lisbon, train to evora 2 nights,
Hire a car and visit obidos Coimbra ,belmonte and porto.
We have in total 3 weeks and we never been there, so if we can have some ideas.
It is a good idea to have a car ?
How many days do you recommend in each place


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A car is best for rural areas and small towns. A car is much more trouble than it is worth in the larger cities.
You are more likely to get helpful advice is you tell us about your interests.

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With three weeks, I would rent the car for the middle portion of your trip - picking it up leaving Lisbon and drop it off when you get to Porto or before.
I would encourage you to consider more time in Lisbon unless you hate cities.. There are several places close to Lisbon that don't warrant a change of hotel/apartment. I stayed in Evora two nights on my first trip and wished for one more. There is a great megalith tour in Evora that is a must. And, with a third night you could visit a winery or two - with a car.
Óbidos is an easy day trip stop on your way to Coimbra. You might want to consider a few nights in the Silver Coast area so you can visit Alcobaça and Batalha.
I also agree with the other poster about telling us about your interests so we might be of more help.

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A few years back, I rented a car in Madrid, visited south western Spain and the Algarve on my way to Evora. Previous posters have given you great ideas for destinations in Portugal. From Evora, I drove up the eastern side of the country stopping in the disused hilltop town of Castelo Rodrigo. There’s a wonderful B&B Casa de Cisterna. The owner offers a dusk visit to view the petroglyphs in the Coa National Park. From there it’s an easy drive entering the Duoro valley from the west and driving to Porto. Then it’s a great drive back to Lisbon on which you can easily visit Coimbra, Batahala, Alcobaça, Obidos, Fatima and Sintra. Here’s a Google Map that shows the route I took. (Open this in the Google Maps app. If you just use the link, that portion of the route from Porto to Lisbon is not the one I drove. )

I would recommend taking the train from Lisbon to Sintra rather than driving. I wouldn’t visit the Algarve at that time of year as most of the area has closed shop for the season. When you get a car, make sure you get a Via Verde transponder for electronic tolls. PM me with any questions you might have.