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Portugal - Faro - Renting a car

I'm headed to Faro in March and will need to rent a car.
I've checked online and I can get a car for $50 for the entire week (small car).
But seriously - $50 for the entire 7day's I'm there.
I'm not confident about the agency so I might opt for an international company - but even that's at $100 for the entire week.

My question is....
Should I expect any hidden fees? like - Am I required by law to purchase any car insurances? I know there are plenty of toll roads, but because the price of the car is so low I'm not worried about the toll roads.

Thanks for the help

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Car hire in Portugal can be pleasantly affordable. Basic third party insurance is compulsory and may be included in the headline price - or not. But this is not a scam, you do have to have it and is not optional, whatever other insurance your credit card might offer - just be aware. Additional insurance which they may try to sell, is up to you.

Lots of car hire tips here - it's UK centric but applies to holidaymakers visiting abroad

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Off season car hire in Portugal is a bargain, as they have lots of cars ready for the summer season that are doing nothing in the winter months. I have hired from local and international companies there and I always use Holiday Autos, a consolidator. I then pick the company that has good customer reviews for the given price.

I paid £123 for 21 days car hire this March from Faro. The prices quoted on European websites will include taxes.

The one thing that you need to watch is the fuel return policy. Ensure that you have a take full, return full policy otherwise this can be expensive.

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Holiday Autos - you recommend them????
I was all about to book the car but then I got worried about this company -- I felt like they were going to "screw" me somehow -- like when I arrived to pick up the car they'd then tell me the-rest-of-the-story - like I'd have to purchase x or y or z and that would double my fees.

I then thought I'd get a sixt - instead of the $44 car from Holiday Autos it would be $84 from sixt. I don't want to waste money, but I also don't want to get "screwed".